The New Year is on its way!

Happy New Year!

Well almost.  I know we have yet to make it through Christmas and all but planning that New Year’s Party has to be great!  We all love the fact that, when the party starts everything looks great and is in place for all our guests, but the reality of getting to that point is hard work and nothing short of it.

We have thrown new years parties for many years and always say after it’s over and look around at the mess we won’t do it again. (BUT WE ALWAYS DO)  This year I’m sure we’ll feel the exact same way, but it’s so much fun.

Preparing for the party.

It is best to plan what you want to do for any party or event you’re hosting or you’ll end up running around at the last minute trying to get a bunch of things and end up with more than you need or something you completely don’t need at all.  We’ve all been there so don’t worry about it.

We plan this event starting before Halloween to assure that the cost of it all doesn’t come right down to the middle of December and take up precious money that could have been spent on our family.  We do our best to space everything out and buy a little here and a little there because of it.  I promise if you do this for all things you’ll love yourself and your bank account more.

Layout a plan for how you want everything decorated and then buy those decorations first.  Unlike food they won’t go bad.  Party ideas are everywhere and if you have a Pinterest account you can find more than you ever imagined or could afford.  We know this first hand.  Usually I have my husband do all the building before Thanksgiving.  If you’re wondering what we build, it’s little shelves and drink holders that stand up in the back yard.  Every year he adds to or replaces the fire pit with something new he has seen to make sure that everyone is comfortable while enjoying there time.  We love having everyone there.

From there we start saving little by little to make sure that we have enough food for everyone, usually we buy the meats and ask everyone else to bring a veggie.  Most end up bringing desserts!

Enjoy time with family and friends

Even if everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan, everything will be ok.  We have had plenty of mishaps over the years and ruined many things, along with adding some extra color to our carpets, but we have enjoyed so many memories over the years with each other and all we do know is look back and laugh at the mishaps.

Don’t stress and overthink everything, if it’s meant to be your not going to avoid it anyway, so just relax and watch magic happen.  If worst comes to worst and you added unwanted color to your carpet just call a carpet cleaning company like Abilene Carpet Cleaners, and they will gladly come out and help you get back to normal.

Have a great holiday season and check back for cleaning tips you can use to save yourself money!

Are You Ready for Christmas

Winter is coming!

I know, I know that has been used to death, but the truth is winter is already here and Thanksgiving is gone.   Christmas is only a couple of weeks away and the last minute shopping has begun.  Did you know this is the absolutely most stressful time of the year?  And I was told it was suppose to be the happiest.

When getting ready for the entire family to come over for Christmas its always a good idea to make sure everything is in working order.  I have experienced the failures of a home during the holidays before and they are without a doubt one of the worst things that can happen.  Making sure everything is up to snuff is not only a good idea, but if your family is like mine, it’s a necessity.

Decorating for the Holidays.

I have decorated every year for the holidays.  It’s a great family tradition we do on the evening of Thanksgiving and seemingly through December.  All of this for one day of excitement and family.  It’s a lot to deal with and we all know it’s coming but we’re never fully prepared and that’s ok.  Don’t stress during the holidays.  Even when nothing seems to go according to plan, let it go.  This is the time of year for everyone to be together no matter what.  We are still family even if all of our shit doesn’t seem to be together.

Mother’s take on way too much during the holidays, with all of the shopping, cooking and cleaning.  Relax!  Though it may seem a daunting task decorations can be simple.  The tree is the focal point for everyone.

Start with the tree and then work out from there.  Don’t overload everything into one day.  If all the lights don’t get put up and you don’t win the best house of the season, I promise people will still like you.  When you decorate your tree, spend time looking through all of the Christmas ornaments you or your children have made through the years and remember the joy it brings.

Move through the rest of the house one room at a time.  My children think that they have to have lights in their rooms, so from the tree I move to there.  Stringing up lights in there room is most of the time useless, seeing as how those two boys are going to at some point tear them down playing baseball or some UFC style fighting match before Christmas even shows up.  But they love them until they do!

I love the wreath’s hanging on the door and welcoming everyone in with a piece of warm comfort, so I move to there next.  From the front door wreath, I move into the kitchen and arrange the table.  Usually by this point my husband says he’s going to put up lights outside and just goes to the shop to drink beer.  (He thinks I don’t know)  I try to slowly look around while drinking a glass of wine to ensure that I’m not stressed and see what else I might want to put up.  Usually it’s the stockings since they’re the easiest thing to do.  I really should start with them, but since they’re so easy it goes hand in hand with drinking wine.

Cleaning before the big day.

This is something we all stress about.  I believed for along time that you had to do it all the day before and I would just about kill myself to do it. Now, as I get a little older, I realize that it is ok to clean a little everyday for the entire week, instead of cramming.  I’m by nature a clean freak, so everything, other than my sons rooms, is usually always clean.  I have come to the realization that no one ever even noticed that I took my husband’s toothbrush to clean the little cracks in the China cabinet.  Don’t worry he won’t die I just use a little bit of water.

I’m tired of being stressed out all the time, and dang sure don’t want to be while my children are seeing what Santa Claus has brought.  We all need to relax and realize it’s ok if everything is not absolutely perfect all the time and most definitely to a point of not really enjoying what is going on around us.  Let’s enjoy the holidays and see what it’s really all about.

Have a merry christmas & relax and drink some wine!

This is our first Blog Post!

Hello my name is Ellie, and I started this blog to help those of us mom’s out there with little cleaning tips and tricks.  Don’t be a stranger because I will continuously be updating the blog with new articles and things I have found useful.  Please let me know if there is anything you have found useful too.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and we wish you all well!